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Independent consultancy for the homelessness sector

About br-research

We specialise in the following areas:

  • housing and homelessness
  • multiple and complex needs
  • partnerships and coproduction
  • systems change
  • policy influencing
  • qualitative and quantitative methods of research and evaluation
  • interviews, workshops, focus groups, research training, and surveys
  • data analysis and report writing.


br-research focuses on projects that:

  • contribute to ending street homelessness
  • bring about systems change
  • involve collaboration and partnership
  • promote social inclusion and tackle disadvantage
  • seek practical solutions to improve services and policy, and empower citizens
  • work in creative and innovative ways to test ideas
    and bring about change.


Project management and leadership consultancy
Becky provides ongoing project management for selected projects that focus on evidence, partnerships and leadership.
Social research projects
We take a rigorous approach to answering research questions or testing a hypothesis, from research design and project management through to dissemination, presenting findings and action planning
Evaluation research
We provide a tailored, independent but supportive evaluation service to help you assess, refine and evidence the work and outcomes of your project and communicate learning and success to stakeholders
Policy analysis
We undertake desk-based and primary research to provide literature reviews, policy papers and consultation responses on specific policy areas
Advice on research strategy and design
We provide focused advice on the development and design of specific projects and research programmes




Becky has more than 15 years’ experience in management, research and evaluation and policy in the homelessness and related sectors. Roles have included Head of Research and Information at St Mungo’s Broadway, Senior Research Officer at Shelter and Research Fellow at University of East London. She has an MSc in Social Science Research Methods.

Since 2015 Becky has provided independent consultancy focussed on project leadership and management, service development, research and evaluation. Specialisms include building partnerships; developing new projects; facilitating systems change; mixed-methods evaluation and research; research with vulnerable groups; policy analysis; and management and analysis of large datasets.

A mixed methods social researcher, she has conducted research with a wide range of participants including; children and young people; people experiencing street homelessness, rough sleeping and other forms of homelessness; people facing multiple needs around mental ill health, addition, homelessness and offending. She has also undertaken research with professionals in diverse roles from service delivery, senior management and commissioning.

Becky is a member of professional bodies the Social Research Association, Homeless Link and Clinks. She draws on training in Trauma Informed Care and Psychologically Informed Environments in her research practice.

Becky collaborates with various partners to provide a high quality and flexible service

Savage Words

Tamsin provides editorial, and proofreading services for key outputs from br-research. Additional copy writing services can also be organised though Tamsin and Becky, for example for press releases, newsletters and webcopy.

JH Research

Becky and Juliette have worked together on research projects for many years. Juliette provides peer support including quality checking and review of methodologies and research tools.


Becky and Sally have worked on a number of research projects together. They collaborate on the design of monitoring systems, evaluation of arts projects and data analysis.


Naomi, formerly Head of Qualitative Research at IPPR, supports Becky with qualitative fieldwork and desk-based research.


Examples or recent and current projects.

Becky coordinates and currently chairs the Westminster Homelessness Partnership. The partnership’s aim is for services to work together to end street homelessness in Westminster.

Becky leads on the recruitment, development and commissioning of this unique leadership course for people working in homelessness and related sectors.

Becky is the Project Manager for the Atlas of London’s Homelessness Services. The Atlas is an interactive website enabling users to view data at a pan-London, borough or multi-borough level and build views on data according to their need. She worked on the design and commissioning of the site which she now delivers it in partnership with Homeless Link.

Becky is providing ongoing consultancy to the new Centre for Homelessness Impact. The role includes working on the development of evidence and mapping tools as part of the Centre’s project team.

Becky is currently evaluating the Praxis hospital discharge project which seeks to prevent homelessness for people with No Recourse to Public Funds, who receive hospital impatient care.


Examples of reports authored and co-authored by Becky Rice.

Help for Single Homeless People. Research to explore prevention opportunities

December 2018
Author: Becky Rice with additional research by Jessica Satchell

Investigating the current and future funding of Housing First in England 

August 2018
Author: Becky Rice

A Model of Specialist Welfare Advice and Advocacy at VOICES

July 2018
Authors: Naomi Pollard and Becky Rice

Hard Edges – Reducing the costs of multiple needs to people and services: The second financial analysis of VOICES

June 2018
Author: Becky Rice


Bench Housing First – Lessons from the delivery of Housing First in south-east London

December 2017
Authors: Becky Rice

East London Housing Partnership – initial research for the New Leaf and New Routes projects

November 2017
Authors: Becky Rice and Christine Spooner

Safe-Connections end of project report

Safe Connections – Sharing learning from a model of intensive reconnections support

May 2017
Authors: Phil Hennessy, Becky Rice, Tamsin Savage & Sylvia Thomas

Independent evaluation of VOICES – systems change report

May 2017
Authors: Becky Rice

Research into the lives of Romanian migrant workers living in encampments in London

Thames Reach
May 2017
Authors: Becky Rice

No First Night Out – Help for Single Homeless People

St Mungo’s, London Borough Hackney, London Borough Tower Hamlets, City of London
October 2016
Authors: Becky Rice & Lisa Reed

Hard Edges Stoke-on-Trent – reducing the costs of multiple needs to people and services, a financial analysis of VOICES

June 2016
Authors: Becky Rice


No First Night Out – Help for Single Homeless People

Interim report

St Mungo’s, London Borough Hackney, London Borough Tower Hamlets, City of London

February 2016

Prepared by: Becky Rice & Lisa Reed with additional research by Jessica Satchell

Voices of Experience: how people who drink on the streets can make positive changes in their lives

Funded by the Big Lottery for Research.
Authors: Becky Rice & Juliette Hough


Providing personalised support to rough sleepers

Joseph Rowntree Foundation / Broadway
June 2009
Co-authored with Becky Rice
Authors: Becky Rice & Juliette Hough

Profiling London’s Rough Sleepers: a longitudinal analysis of CHAIN data


Authors: Becky Rice, Juliette Hough, Andreas Cebulla, Wojtek Tomaszewski

Against the odds An investigation comparing the lives of children on either side of Britain’s housing divide

November 2006
Authors: Becky Rice


Feedback from commissioners of br-research.

“Thames Reach commissioned Becky Rice to undertake a piece of research into the lives of Romanian migrant workers living in encampments in London.  Because of Becky’s strong track record for undertaking quality research in the area of housing and homelessness, we were confident that she would produce a high quality piece of research.   There were very specific challenges associated with this research that required an unusual mix of attributes including:

  1. Being able to engage with a group (migrant rough sleepers) who are suspicious of anyone seen to be in a position of authority and to meet them in unconventional places – rough sleeper encampments and nearby cafes.
  2. Being confident about working in tandem with a support worker from Thames Reach who had the necessary language skills to be able to translate responses to the questions asked as part of the research
  3. Working closely with different stakeholders including Thames Reach as commissioners but also engage with the funders of the research and other stakeholders including migrant rights organisations
  4. Producing research that was robust and credible and offered strong recommendations that could be actioned and lead to change
  5. Present the research and answer questions at a high profile launch and support its wider dissemination.

As commissioners of the research we were delighted with the way in which Becky rose to the challenge in all five areas.  She contributed greatly to the work of preparing for the release of the research and was prompt and efficient in terms of producing drafts and responding to comments.  The research was extremely well written and presented and Becky achieved, in my view, the right balance in terms of responding to comments on drafts whilst retaining her control and authority as the author of the research.

The encampments research was gratifyingly well received and the recommendations proposed in it are currently being actioned.  We would certainly be interested in engaging Becky in the future to undertake further research for Thames Reach.”

“Becky has been the local evaluator for VOICES Fulfilling Lives project for over two years.  We are very pleased with the work Becky has delivered for us to date; she has added considerable value to the project with her experience, skills, and networks in the sector.   Becky has delivered on time and communicated with us effectively about progress against our agreed plan, she writes and presents very well with a professional manner that is tailored to the audience.  We have found Becky’s analysis valuable in terms of understanding what we do well and what we also need to improve.  Implementing recommendations made by Becky has undoubtedly improved our project.

Becky has demonstrated an ability to communicate at all levels while working with service users, volunteers, staff, managers, and our project board.  She has demonstrated empathy while involving service users and the ability to adapt research techniques to meet their needs. 

 Overall we have found Becky to be an asset to the project who brings ideas, energy, commitment and integrity to her work. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in appointing her to carry out similar work in future.”


“Becky Rice’s groundbreaking research on predictive risk factors to identify potential rough sleepers has been instrumental to the development and implementation of the ‘No First Night Out’ project piloted in Tower Hamlets, Hackney and City of London. Becky’s distribution of risks into a typology of client profiles is truly innovating and provides a blueprint that many other places around the country are looking to follow. It’s valuable research which will shape thinking on this area for some time to come. Becky has worked closely with the Steering Group throughout from conception to completion, and has shown her versatility, delivering high quality work on time and being adept at working with a diverse range of respondents including frontline staff, statutory and voluntary sector partners, as well as homeless people out in the field.”

“Bench Outreach is one of the leading providers of the Housing First approach in London. As part of the development of this service, we employed Becky to lead the evaluation process. We have been hugely impressed by her work, and she has had a major positive impact on the quality of the service. Our team have described her as knowledgeable, thorough, professional, accessible, open, empathic and genuinely interested. We look forward to continuing this very productive relationship with into the future and extending it to our other services.”

“We asked Becky to come in to produce a monitoring and evaluation report for the first year of our Big Lottery project.  In fact she became a key agent of the change in culture that flowed from that project, helping us to think through a Theory of Change, sharing research material with us, working with us to devise service user feedback and consultation mechanisms, and making a series of recommendations, all in a low key style that got messages across without ruffling feathers.  It is that combination of a wide ranging knowledge and a collaborative approach that makes her so effective.”


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