Examples of recent and current projects.

Course Director:

Post Graduate Certificate – Leadership and Management

London Housing Foundation and London South Bank University

Becky leads on the recruitment, development and commissioning of this unique leadership course for people working in homelessness and related sectors. Find out more at

Coordinator & chair:

Westminster Homelessness Partnership

Becky coordinates and currently chairs the Westminster Homelessness Partnership. The partnership’s aim is for services to work together to end street homelessness in Westminster. Visit to find out more.

Project Manager:

Atlas of Homelessness Services

London Housing Foundation

Becky is the Project Manager for the Atlas of London’s Homelessness Services. The Atlas is an interactive website enabling users to view data at a pan-London, borough or multi-borough level and build views on data according to their need. She worked on the design and commissioning of the site which she now delivers it in partnership with Homeless Link. Try the Atlas out at


Centre for Homelessness Impact (ongoing)

Becky is providing ongoing consultancy to the new Centre for Homelessness Impact. The role includes working on the development of evidence and mapping tools as part of the Centre’s project team.


Praxis hospital discharge project

Becky is currently evaluating the Praxis hospital discharge project which seeks to prevent homelessness for people with No Recourse to Public Funds, who receive hospital impatient care.